Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace CD Cover Art
   Prince of Peace, is an epic story in orchestral grandeur that  musicaly illustrates the events of the birth of Christ.
      The sublime classical ambience of ethereal Middle Eastern vocals, and eclectic percussions transports one to ancient sands under the Eastern Star.
A Child is Born - Laura Botsford
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   Wishing Wall is a soundscape of wondrous world beat, breezy blends of jazz, and retro riffs. The ride through each song is like a sound poem homage to Chet Baker meets World Beat. Resplendent instrumental percussions and ethereal voices all woven with musical surprises that transport one into a new world.

   This easy listening Ambient Jazz features Brass and Strings fused with ambient world beats, birds and waves, spatial, mind-expanding soundscapes that embrace old school funky retro riffs and uplifting cathedral voices.


Paramount Group Demos

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Last Desert Rose - Laura Botsford
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Hidden Heart - Laura Botsford
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Delta Dreams - Laura Botsford
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So Lovingly, So Long - Laura Botsford
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Last Desert Rose - Parmount demo -

Song Writer -  Laura Botsford

Hidden Heart - Parmount demo -

Song Writer -  Laura Botsford

Delta Dreams - Parmount demo -

Song Writer -  Laura Botsford

So Lovingly, So Long - Parmount demo -

Song Writer -  Laura Botsford

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