Laura began her singing and writing career in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the mid-seventies, performing with the Frank Larrabee band, Harpwind and solo gigs.
   She moved to Arkansas in the early 80's to a rural town where music venues hadn't arrived yet. Laura occasionally played in private clubs, restaurants, and at private parties. With hope in her heart and a natural singular drive to keep writing songs; she began having her singer/songwriter songs produced in Nashville.  For licensing of those songs, please visit this link.
   With the advent of home studios, Laura took to the technology in a renewed rhythmic swirl of innovative, discovery; she began composing instrumental albums and EP's. Her first release was Wishing Wall,  followed next with Prince of Peace in 2013. Aquarium Funk  and  Poet Streets  in 2015 and 2016   
   The back catalog of her songs is prolific with an avant-garde
Mixology that charts new ground and paves new pipes.  The Ambient voices in the ethereal scores most assuredly surprise,  and often transcend the listener with their unpredictable cinematic fusions.
  There is an authenticity that is the real deal in her songs, misted in ethereal, dreamy ambiance, soulful in sound, yet sublimely woven in a style that is distinctly her own.

 Laura Botsford music spans many musical genres from folk-country to pop, rock, and jazz,  and cinematic soundtracks for over three decades.  Her blend of genres uniquely mesh in an air of ethereal ambiance that defies gravity, moving, and true to their original roots yet expand into innovative musical dimensions.
"I call it my musicality reality, as I love all genres from funk to R&B,  jazz, country folk,  and cinematic scores. My compositions reflect an ever-evolving blend of all of them. The focus of my compositions is pairing  Jazz, Soul, and a melting pot of groove-based sounds into crossovers with ambient, and classical orchestration. "  


With the advent of home studios, Laura took to the technology in a renewed rhythmic swirl of innovative discovery, she began composing instrumental albums and EP's. Her first release was Wishing Wall,  followed next with Prince of Peace in 2013. Aquarium Funk  and  Poet Streets  in 2015 and 2016, and Journey of Fairytales in 2017 

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Books by Laura
She Journeys 
8.00 includes shipping

  This is handsigned and mailed directly to you or someone with a devoted personalized inscription. Please include what you want written in the notes.

She Journeys 
Barnes & Noble

   She Journeys is a collection of short stories of the divine feminine spirit as she mysteriously appeared in the many lives

of a man who sought love for centuries in search of a great love. She might be playing at Valentine's Lounge, caught up in a reverie of romantic calling, or in a cross Atlantic night of love, tenderly unfolding in a communion kiss.

   I lay still until the next point in time

What I understand is that love is total commitment

A boy follows the call

But a man won’t waste a woman’s time

"This is a fantastic piece of literature!

Laura Botsford has a beautiful imagination and way with words. A must read!!!" 

© 2016 by Laura Botsford. all rights reserved

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