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Escape From Namerus - Classical- Cinemactic
Buckley's Toys-Country
Austin Beat - Electronic - Hip Hop Beat
Full Production of Your Songs - Poems to Songs
With Paramount Group in Nashville, TN
Licensed  Songs - Contact for Details
Hidden Heart - Laura Botsford
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So Lovingly So Long - Laura Botsford
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Last Desert Rose - Laura Botsford
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That Delta Dirt - Laura Botsford ~ Billy Henderson
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Cover Art Gallery

Write of Passage 2016

   Originally the music flowed like a river, and somewhere out of the midst of longing and its essence; a song branched out from all its tributaries into the sea of manifested music.

   As composers and songwriters, we know the many influences when we hear them, but in the mixology of it all is what makes it exciting; the blend, the whoosh, the whir of harmonies so simpatico, that it leaves one breathless.

  In this flux of creativity beats the drum of discovery, and make no mistake;  all music has a collective soul of the ones who created it together; their rendezvous resonates, and depending on the song, leaves an everlasting impression of its incandescent presence.


   If you have a poem or a song that you would like a full band or orchestra set to your liking, please contact me for pricing and contract.


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