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 New Release Parlor Tricks

Parlor Tricks

April 28th. 2020

Crossover Jazz/R&B, Classical music, and Ambient voices are woven into 13 innovative metaphorical instrumentals that musically tell a story in these 2020 times.


Live performances and original songs sung by Laura Botsford

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Journey of Fairy Tales

   Book Release ~ Be the first to receive a signed copy contact me to get on the ship for a truly wondrous adventure for children of all ages!  November 2020

       Author Website until the end of June 2022


  “Journey of Fairytales is an enchanting book of Phantasmagorical childhood adventures that touch on themes of love, hope, and enlightenment."

  Author Laura Botsford runs wild in this free-wheeling book that will be a delight to share with children of all ages."

   ~ Anatole Burkin, Retired Editor for Taunton Press

     Journey of Fairy Tales is a Disneyesque - Never Ending Story adventure that sparks the beginning of storytelling on Earth. In the uplifting tale of the Tipleah Tree; the Tree of Leaves holds all the stories ever to be written until one unimaginative day they are stolen by the foreboding negative Harmies of Namerus and locked behind a swirling wall of dismal thought-forms.

   Kingston and Isla lost their parents in the invasion of the Angerdahs and set off on a journey to rescue them and the Leaves ever to be written in storybooks. They embark on a challenging adventure to the Linkalee Alignment where only through being in tune with their natural laws of attraction, magical gadgets, and a willingness to work together can they rescue the Leaves and bring their parents home. Where there is light there can be no darkness.

Genre: Young Adult and eternally young at heart

Hardback or Paperback  5.50 x 8.50 black and white

120 pages

                                       Available at these locations 

 Balboa Press ~ Division of Hay House


Barnes and Nobel 


   The opening excerpt from the first chapter of Journey of Fairy Tales on Spotify.

  Aquarium Funk

                    DECEMBER 2015

        Aquarium Funk is an innovative compendium of cool with wings, hip with the hap of old school meets break-out contemporary jazz fusions of capriccio tuneful charm.


   Aquarium Funk is born out of a fusion of funk and jazz with a Latin feel and is an eclectic soup of Soul genres that defies gravity and shouts to the world something fresh and truly swellegant.

 Review by Simon Reich

     Laura Botsford is an artist. And I don’t just mean in the musical sense. Visual arts are also a creative outlet for her. Collages seem to be a specialty of hers and when it comes to music, this also seems to be her strength, musical collages, or as Laura calls them ... “coalescing the vapors”.

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  "For what is life if not to find

joy in doing the things you love, and the people one loves

doing them with?" 

                   ~  laura botsford

Poet Streets Banner
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 Poet Streets 

     Poet Streets embraces a romantic theme of two lovers who are reunited after a separation that left them empty. There is magic in the night as the city that once tore them apart now brings them back together. Classical/Ambiance and Jazz/Rock blend straight from the tap with all subsuming emotions as we trace their heart lines in notes that are at once soul searching, and meshed inevitably in destiny.



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Live performances and original songs sung by Laura Botsford

Journey of FairyTales

Release 8/2016

  The Journey of Fairy Tales epic orchestration for the future of all intuitive tales that ever were and ever shall be is an enchanted musical path of the most splendiferous and cinematic kind.
   Only the purest of intention can make the passage through the Linkalee Alignment to save the Book of Leaves, and recover the lost literature of the ancient ones.   

  Journey Fairy Tales coming out in November of 2020 written for all ages of make and believers in the Laws of Attraction. "An Abundantly adventurous and cinematic fantastical read."

      For signed copies dedicated to your beloved and art from the book in canvas prints please visit the website.

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      For softcover and Kindle version visit the sites below.

 Waterbrook          Release 11/16/2016


   These inspiring refrains elevate and heal as one course in the eclectic streams of Waterbrook.

  It is music that soothes the soul and quiets the mind with world beat, tablas, ethereal voices, and melodic music box meditations.


Lonesome I  Could Cry